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We provide for all of your web site needs. We have you covered whether you need a standard site providing customers information about your business and allowing them to contact you or whether you need a full web application designed in PHP, ColdFusion, ASP .NET or JSP utilizing a SQL database. We also design in ExtJS, a front end javascript library that can bring your site to a whole new level.

From simple site updates to full start-to-finish design, whether you just need a web site/application designed or you need domain registration and web hosting service, our services are sure to suit your needs and budget.

We work on any kind of site, whether it is a small personal site, an e-commerce site or a full intranet web application for a large business.

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Established in 2005, we have been and continue to provide professional web sites for small to large businesses. From intranets to extranets, from e-commerce to any web application; we continue to lead on the latest technologies for web sites and web applications, bringing you the latest and best solutions available.

Our web application development services include Extensions (ExtJS - a front-end javascript library), DHTML, HTML, Advanced Javascript, Advanced CSS, PHP, ColdFusion, JSP, ASP .NET, MSSQL and MySQL.

Our new specialty is ExtJS, an up and coming web technology that allows web applications to function much like a Microsoft Windows ® application, making web applications very user friendly and cross-platform compliant. The library includes the ability to use trees, grids, graphics and much more.

We can bring your site into the Web 2.0 world while keeping it professional and easy to use.

We provide web design and web application development to anyone from individuals to large businesses. Our services range from basic web sites involving minor graphic development and styling to complex web applications involving server and client side scripting languages, databases and more.

We also provide web hosting, domain registration and e-commerce solutions, so we are able to handle every aspect of your project from start to finish without you having to worry about the additional complications to getting a web site or web application up and running.

Our rates vary depending on what is involved with the project and the type of work required but they are highly competitive and are made to suit your budget.


Our services range from simple site updates to full contracted start-to-finish design. From server and client side scripting and database development to e-commerce, we can have your project running exactly how you envision it!

Contact us to request prices or obtain a quote for your web site. We will respond as soon as possible with our highly competitive rates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address your concerns.

We offer several billing plans for our service including:
   • Pay per week (Not a standard pay form, but some customers request and you would recieve an invoice every week)
   • Pay bi-weekly (Our standard payment plan where you would receive an invoice every two weeks)
   • Pay monthly (This highly depends on a project, but we can bill monthly)
   • Pay for ## hours (Great for budgeting, we would send you an invoice after completing a set number hours of work)

* Billing plan options can change at any time and may be based on type of project. Domain registration and web hosting fees are invoiced yearly or bi-yearly.

Start-to-finish web site design projects can include every aspect needed to get you up and running without you having to know anything about how it is done. We will take care of the domain name registration (the url for your web site, for example:, the web hosting which will host your site content and provide it to the public, e-commerce solutions which would allow you to have shopping carts and accept credit card payments, the site design and graphics, the coding whether it be a standard site or a web application, and even integrating site features with your own systems. All you have to do is tell us what you want and provide the content.

Simple site updates are where you already have an existing web site and need us to update the content, change features, add graphics, change graphics, etc. You already have a domain name and a web host. These projects are typically short and require just several hours of work. We can also troubleshoot problems you may be having if it is within our supported language group. We can also change layout/design of a site if the original web designer does not claim it as their work and will release it to be changed - please contact us for more information regarding re-design if this is what you are looking for.

Consultation is where you are working on a web site and need help with a particular aspect of it. Consultation services are bill per hour at the end of services rendered. For example, if you are experiencing difficulties trying to get a feature written in PHP to work properly, we can look it over and correct the issue and provide advise. We also provide code reviews and overviews as well as security overview. We do not do security testing, but can determine flaws within code that would pose potential security threats.

Layout design is where you are looking for a site to be layed out to be user friendly and look good. We handle the css and formatting of the site and give you the areas where you can place the content. We will also do javascript work and even design a layout within ExtJS if you request it. Layouts require no back-end development (PHP, ASP .NET, ColdFusion, etc) and are strictly HTML, XHTML, DHTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.

Regardless of what you are wanting for your web site, we have a service and the skills to bring your vision to life and your business to the world.

Contact us today for a free quote or any questions you may have.

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